Quirky Question #245, Last chance agreements

November 2014

Question: We operate a manufacturing plant with a union workforce where new employees begin with a 90-day probationary period during which they are not yet members of the union. I recently hired a guy who refused to work overtime on several occasions, so I had him sign a “last chance” agreement in which he agreed that any further unexcused refusals would result in the termination of his employment. I also had[more...]

Quirky Question #244, Ebola goes viral

October 2014

Question: The recent media coverage of Ebola has been overwhelming.  As an employer, I want to be prepared and proactive to protect our employees and our business, but I also don’t want to overreact to what is seemingly a very small threat.  What steps can, and should, I take to protect my employees?  Does Ebola potentially implicate any state or federal employment law obligations that I should be aware of? Answer: By:  Joel O’Malley[more...]

Quirky Question #243 – More on Breach Notification Laws

October 2014

Quirky Question: Can you tell me what has been happening in California regarding breach notification laws? Answer: By: Melissa Krasnow Continuing the trend of changes in state breach notification and related laws, Cal. A.B. 1710 amends California's breach notification, security procedures, and Social Security number (SSN) laws in the wake of significant data breaches, particularly in the retail sector. (See "Changes in State Breach Notification Laws.") Cal. A.B. 1710 will become effective on January 1, 2015. State,[more...]

Quirky Question #242 - Policing Break and Time Records Pays Off

September 2014

Quirky Question We are a California employer.   After all the publicity surrounding class actions over meal and break periods, we instituted automatic warnings if employees take too long or too short a meal or rest break. Is anyone really enforcing this kind of discipline or are we wasting our time? Answer By: Jessica Shiffman and Gabrielle Wirth There is good news for a change. Not only are many employers implementing similar warnings, but repeated[more...]