Quirky Question #236, "I need some time off to give my daughter a mental boost..."

July 2014

­­­Question: We employ a very elderly lady, Agnes. In fact, she’s a great-grandmother. See has asked to take some time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act. See tells us that her daughter Beatrice is out of the picture, but that Agnes raised Beatrice’s daughter, Catherine, who now herself has a two-year-old daughter Dorothy. Catherine is having foot surgery and won’t be fully ambulatory for a few weeks, so Agnes[more...]

Quirky Question #235, Payment of Wages - Better Late Than Never Is Half Right

July 2014

Question: My company was in a tight spot last month with cash flow and we had to delay payroll by a few days. We did end up paying everyone what they were owed. I now have an employee, however, who is claiming the late payment violated her rights and that we owe her more money. We paid her all the wages she was owed, just a few days late – is[more...]

Quirky Question #234, Selling Accrued Vacation

July 2014

Question: Our company allows employees to sell up to 40 hours of their accrued PTO (accrued vacation) each year.  If an employee elects to sell the accrued PTO, we pay it out in a lump sum at the end of the year.  Does this raise any concerns? Answer: By Tim Goodman and Joel O'Malley Yes it does. The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) view is that if an employer allows employees to elect to sell accrued[more...]

Quirky Question #233, The Regular Rate: Where Math and Law Collide

June 2014

Question: We operate a warehouse in Minnesota where the employees work two weeks on / two weeks off. They work 10 hours per day, 7 days per week when they’re on at an hourly rate of $30. The employees also ordinarily receive a non-discretionary year-end bonus of 10% of total compensation, which is meant to compensate them both for their work and for their having to deal with such a crazy[more...]