Quirky Question #243 – More on Breach Notification Laws

October 2014

Quirky Question: Can you tell me what has been happening in California regarding breach notification laws? Answer: By: Melissa Krasnow Continuing the trend of changes in state breach notification and related laws, Cal. A.B. 1710 amends California's breach notification, security procedures, and Social Security number (SSN) laws in the wake of significant data breaches, particularly in the retail sector. (See "Changes in State Breach Notification Laws.") Cal. A.B. 1710 will become effective on January 1, 2015. State,[more...]

Quirky Question #242 - Policing Break and Time Records Pays Off

September 2014

Quirky Question We are a California employer.   After all the publicity surrounding class actions over meal and break periods, we instituted automatic warnings if employees take too long or too short a meal or rest break. Is anyone really enforcing this kind of discipline or are we wasting our time? Answer By: Jessica Shiffman and Gabrielle Wirth There is good news for a change. Not only are many employers implementing similar warnings, but repeated[more...]

Quirky Question #241, Working for Free In Montana At A Start-Up Business

September 2014

Quirky Question I was laid off by my Montana employer and I have decided to help my brother with his start up business. I will be a 50% owner but we are not going to take a salary until revenue is substantial. An accountant friend tells me that my work for free for the start-up may disqualify me for the unemployment benefits I am currently receiving. This cannot be right. I[more...]

Quirky Question #240, Breach Notification Laws

August 2014

Question: Our company has employees and operations in multiple states, and I'm concerned about complying with data breach laws in the various locales.  What's the status of the law on data breach notification? Answer: By Melissa Krasnow As data breaches continue to occur, breach notification laws are being amended or enacted. In the United States, state and federal breach notification laws should be monitored carefully regarding changes, as should breach notification laws in other[more...]