Quirky Question #251, Naming Names in SEC Filings?

Question: Our publicly traded company must file a disclosure with the SEC, and we're trying to determine what information to include regarding recent charges of discrimination that former employees have filed with the EEOC.  Should we include their names and details of their claims? Answer: By:  Jessica Linehan, Joel O'Malley, and Brian Rosenau A recent Seventh Circuit decision provides a cautionary tale for employers deciding what level of detail about litigated matters to include[more...]

Quirky Question #250, New York wage notice burdens lifted

Question: I am a New York employer and I have heard about some onerous requirements to furnish wage notices to all employees.  Is this law taking effect soon? Answer: By:  David Singer, Joel O'Malley, Laura Lestrade, and Bobbi Leonard Recent amendments to the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA).  In general the amendments, passed in December 2014, reduce burdens on employers by eliminating the requirement to furnish updated wage notices to all employees[more...]

Quirky Question #249, Rebirth of Pregnancy Discrimination?

Question: I work in Human Resources at a mid-size Minnesota company and am working on an HR resource related to workplace accommodations.  I am relatively familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but am struggling to identify what, if any, accommodations we should be prepared to extend to pregnant employees.  Can you help? Answer: By Jessie Mischke and Joel O'Malley Your question is a timely one.  Pregnancy discrimination and accommodation requirements have been topics[more...]

Quirky Question #248, Is arbitration really better than court?

Question: My company is considering implementing a policy of mandatory arbitration of employment disputes.  Putting aside the legal considerations, is this practically a good idea? Answer: By Joel O’Malley and David Murphy I have been hearing this question more and more in recent years as defending against baseless lawsuits by employees becomes increasingly costly (okay, I admit they’re not all baseless) and arbitration becomes more popular.  Despite these general beliefs, employers do not always benefit[more...]