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Laura began practicing at Dorsey in 1992 and has since counseled and represented employers on complying with the law and minimizing the risk of employment law claims. Laura counsels and represents employers in all aspects of employment law, including employee hiring and terminations, reductions in force, disability and discrimination issues, employee leave laws, wage and hour laws, restrictive covenant agreements, breach of fiduciary duty claims and employee policies and handbooks. She is experienced in all phases of federal and state court litigation and employment proceedings before the EEOC and state administrative agencies.

Quirky Question #261, When will our employee return?


We’re a large company with offices in many locations, including in California, Minnesota, Washington and New York City.  We often have disabled employees provide doctors’ notes that say they are unable to work, but that do not provide an expected date the employee will be cleared medically to return.  When we ask these individuals for a return date, they usually say they don’t know or that their doctor told them they need to be off work for “as long as necessary.”  We have no idea whether this means one week or one year.  Do we have to grant employees leave if there is no end in sight?  It makes planning on our end very difficult.