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As a member of Dorsey's Trial group, Mike’s practice focuses on complex civil litigation and appeals, and he has made numerous appearances before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Alaska Supreme Court. He has assisted clients in successfully managing litigation and arbitration matters in an array of practice areas - from antitrust compliance to commercial litigation and appeals, internal investigations to environmental litigation - by providing clients with the strategic understanding and the legal tools they need.

Quirky Question #223, Meal Periods Outside California


We have offices in 13 states, a headquarters in Iowa and a manufacturing facility in Alaska.  Several employees have used our “open suggestion box” to request that we allow them to work through lunch so they can go home earlier.  I am aware of California’s unique laws which require that non-exempt employees be offered meal periods of at least 30 minutes during which they are relieved of all duty.  I am assuming this is applicable to California only.  Are short lunch periods a problem in any other states? Answer→