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Quirky Question #244, An Update on Ebola

In Quirky Question #244, we discussed what employers should do to protect their employees and businesses in light of the potential Ebola threat.  Last week, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered nearly 700 Minnesota National Guard members to deploy to Liberia this spring to help fight the Ebola epidemic. The citizen-soldiers are scheduled to start training in March with an estimated six-month deployment to Liberia starting in April. Answer→

Quirky Question #244, Ebola goes viral


The recent media coverage of Ebola has been overwhelming.  As an employer, I want to be prepared and proactive to protect our employees and our business, but I also don’t want to overreact to what is seemingly a very small threat.  What steps can, and should, I take to protect my employees?  Does Ebola potentially implicate any state or federal employment law obligations that I should be aware of? Answer→

Quirky Question # 215, Are Capped Vacation Plans Now Disfavored And Should My Company Switch To An Unlimited Vacation Plan?


We have a new CFO who is upset by the huge amount of accrued vacation we have to carry on the books. We have a cap of two times the annual accrual.  He says most high tech companies like ours have unlimited vacation plans and that this eliminates the need to carry accrued vacation.  Is this a new trend?  And can we implement a new unlimited vacation policy immediately? Answer→

Quirky Question # 162: Employee Handbooks Creating Vested Benefits


Our company is located in California. We have language in our handbook that says all our employees are “at-will.” Our existing handbook also includes provisions setting out the conditions under which we will lay people off and what benefits they would be entitled to if that were necessary. This was put in place five years ago. Given the current business climate, we may be facing lay offs in the next six months and want to change this policy. Since our employees are at-will and can be fired at any time for any reason, can we unilaterally change this policy now that business conditions have changed? Answer→

Swine Flu, Quirky Question # 106

Quirky Question # 106:

We’ve heard a lot about the swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus.  So far, we have not had many, if any, problems with this flu strain in our workplace.  Nevertheless, we are looking for guidance as to how we should handle various issues that could arise if the H1N1 virus becomes much worse with the fall flu season.  Any suggestions for how this should be addressed at our company? Answer→