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Negligent Credentialing, Quirky Question # 121

Quirky Question # 121:

Our organization is responsible for evaluating the credentials for employees at certain medical facilities.  I have reason to believe that one or more of the individuals we have referred out may have been less qualified than we were led to believe.  Does that present any risks for our organization? Answer→

Unauthorized Job References, Quirky Question # 27

Quirky Question # 27:

We recently terminated our Controller.  We had concerns about the way in which he was managing his department.  Certain funds (not an insubstantial amount) were not accounted for and our firm’s accounting records designed to track various purchases and expenditures were largely inscrutable.  We lost a lot of money due to these problems.  My perception is that he was either incompetent, or, possibly, dishonest.  Despite that fact, we terminated him without cause.

I just learned that several weeks ago, he asked our CFO to write him a job reference and our CFO did so.  None of us in the Law Department had a chance to bless this recommendation before it was provided to our ex-Controller.  I recently obtained a copy of the reference and it’s quite enthusiastic (perhaps an understatement by me).  This situation makes me somewhat uneasy on a couple of levels.  Are my anxieties misplaced or is this something I should worry about? Answer→

Racist Ideas, Quirky Question # 16

Quirky Question # 16:

I am both disappointed and embarrassed to report that one of our employees is an outspoken White Supremacist.  His views are abhorrent to me personally, as well as to nearly all of our company’s employees, both minority and non-minority.  The organization to which our employee belongs advocates violent conduct toward minorities.  Given that fact, should we take any action?  Can we fire this idiot?  (That’s my preference but I admit he has never engaged in any violent conduct in the workplace.)  If he ever engaged in any violent conduct in the workplace, as espoused by the organization to which he belongs, could the company be held liable? Answer→