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FMLA Leave, Quirky Question # 7

Quirky Question # 7: Several years ago we employed an individual at our auto dealership.  He resigned voluntarily.  About eight months ago, we rehired him.  During the course of the last eight months, he has worked more than 1250 hours.  He recently injured his back at home and has missed 13 days of work.  Because […]

Performance Evaluation, Quirky Question # 6

Quirky Question # 6: Our company operates a call center.  One of our supervisors (Employee X) demonstrated two significant performance problems.  First, he was verbally abusive to the employees he supervised.  Second, he appeared to have a disproportionate number of “dropped” calls.  Our suspicion is that he put the callers on “hold,” and left them […]

Sexual Harassment (Round 2), Quirky Question # 5

Quirky Question # 5: I read your Quirky Question # 4.  Unlike your last reader, I am not in our company’s Human Resources Department.  But I am the attorney within our Office of the General Counsel with responsibility for addressing employment issues. One of our HR representatives informed me that she had received a sexual […]

Sexual Harassment, Quirky Question # 4

Quirky Question # 4: I am an HR Representative.  One of my duties is to take complaints regarding workplace discrimination, including sexual harassment. One of our female employees recently complained to me that she feels as though she is being sexually harassed by one of our top salesmen.  (He is not her supervisor, but she […]

Employee Injury, Quirky Question # 3

Quirky Question # 3: I was called out to our company’s parking lot (we run a manufacturing facility) during a break because of a report that an employee had been injured and was bleeding outside our building.  Upon my arrival, I learned that the injured employee had created a homemade “shooting device” from a pipe, […]

Executive Termination, Quirky Question # 1

Quirky Question # 1: We recently terminated one of our executives “without cause.”  Under his employment contract, we are obligated to pay one year’s severance for terminations without cause.  In contrast, we have no obligation to pay him anything if he is terminated “with cause.”  Following his departure, we reviewed his computer hard drive.  We […]

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Nearly every day, executives and managers, and the in-house counsel and Human Resources professionals who work with them, are confronted with unanticipated questions regarding the workforce. Just when they think they have "seen it all," along comes a new and often stranger scenario involving an odd twist to an area they thought they fully understood. These individuals often find themselves back at square one when trying to construct an appropriate response and devise a creative solution to the problem presented. Sometimes these "Quirky Questions" can be resolved easily; other times, they implicate practical and legal issues that are not immediately apparent. This Quirky Questions blog addresses these unanticipated employment questions.

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